Over the last few years I’ve have worked with organizations as an in-house sales and financial consultant and manager to develop business opportunities and drive revenue. A typical engagement has lasted one to two years as a consultant. As a result, I’ve gained a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in several different practice areas and business verticals.

I have had the opportunity to work with many respected business leaders in the Greater Houston area and have made a lot of friends. I have hired, licensed and personally trained sales teams and developed sales and marketing plans. I have led and mentor, been a public speaker and the voice of organizations and even held a position as Family Counselor at a prestigious funeral home in Houston.  

My work with the funeral home was an eye-opening experience. I saw way too many cases where families were being ripped apart because of poor financial planning, credit cards being maxed out to cover burial expenses, infighting among family members, desperation, and lots of tears. Few of us are comfortable talking about disease, illness or that inevitable day we leave this world. Even though I came from the asset management and insurance industry, it wasn’t until that experience with the broken-hearted that showed me just how crucial it is to plan ahead. It made such an impact on me that I purchased funeral services for my entire family and placed an even greater emphasis on securing their future in some very specific ways.

When I was kid, I didn’t dream of being an insurance agent when I grew up.  However, the work I do is extremely gratifying and I love it. With every family that I protect, I feel even more blessed to be in this line of work.  The work I do provides hope and security to families…technically I provide tailored, long and short term financial solutions for health, retirement and yes death. I take it upon myself to meet as many people as I can, listen to their story and share mine.


I help tough and sometimes uncomfortable conversations get started and provide solutions out there over the horizon so people can focus on today and breathe a little easier. There are so many options available and I’m licensed and experienced in most of them and can utilize the products of the more trusted companies to fit a range of lifestyles, incomes, needs, and personal journeys.


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